For Babies: Daily Skin Care  |

                    Every Diaper Change


Hyalure Soap Free Skin Cleanser                                             


-     Pour  Hyalure Soap Free Skin Cleanser onto a cotton ball


-     Apply gently to the diaper area











-     Soak the cotton ball in water to rinse


 -     Wipe gently,

       Pat it dry

       and / or

       Dab  baby powder on the diaper area


-    Fasten the diaper on each side with the sticky tabs. Make sure the tabs aren't sticking to your  baby's skin    

Dr. H Tip

-  Keep the diaper area dry at all times             to prevent diaper rash.

-  Change diapers as often as possible.



Dr. H    Note:     Hyalure Soap Free Skin Cleanser

                                 -    No harsh  ingredients 
                                 -    Very safe for babies
                                 -    No paraben, no sulfate, no lanolin    
                                 -    No irritants, no colorants 
                                 -    All ingredients are plant based and ecofriendly