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Everyone deserves healthy and vibrant skin, regardless of one’s gender or age. 
However, due to harsh outdoor condition and pollutants, this goal is becoming harder and harder to achieve. 

Don’t lose hope, because there is a product clinically designed to rejuvenate and improve your skin while providing optimum protection.
Here at Shines, we offer you Hyalure: the latest skin care must-have!



Hyalure soap cleansers gently washes and purify your skin, giving a young, moisturize, and healthy skin.


 Hyalure’s Hydrating Toner removes dirt, make-up, and balance your skin tone without drying.


Hyalure's moisturizing lotions makes your skin well-hydrated against extreme sun exposures.

Underarm Protection

Always stay confident with Hyalure's underarm deodorants available for both men and women.

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You can really tell how our climate got colder when BER months began. What more to expect this Christmas break? Our body will surely be covered with layers of clothing and our skin will be dry like a dead leaf. Could it get any worse? Our lips start to crack and peel! So be sure to carry your trusty lip balm with you! Now is the perfect time to stock up with moisturizer and body cleanser!...
The Hyalure Soap Free Skin Cleanser is dermaformulated and contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing agent that helps in skin hydration. It is sulfate free, CDEA free, paraben free, and fragrance free, which makes it suitable for anyone and everyone (newborns and pregnant women included)! Basically what the solution does is it creates a protective film over the skin to lock in the skin’s natural moisture, pretty much like lip balm...

“Playing beach volleyball is one of my passions in life. Lalo na kung bakasyon, minsan yayayain ko ‘yung friends ko for a getaway to the beach, then we just take turns swimming and playing volleyball. Sadly, this constant exposure to the sun made my skin damaged and its tone uneven. My barkada would often point this out. ‘Bakit ang pula ng skin mo? Sunburn?’ they’d ask. This used to embarrass me. But after using Hyalure’s complete product set, I’ve notice my sunburned and damaged skin being restored back to a healthy color. Ngayon, ‘di na ko worried about playing hours of beach volleyball under the sun. I know Hyalure’s there to give me the protection I need.“ – Rowena Vitug, 20, Beach volleyball player

“One time, after I finished bathing my baby, I noticed a dry patch of skin on her arms and thighs. I thought applying baby oil would get rid of these spots, but they only end up coming back. After consulting a dermatologist about it, she recommended using Hyalure since it’s known to be effective yet very safe for my baby’s gentle skin. The results were fast! The dry patches of skin have now become supple and softer. I recommend Hyalure to mothers out there whose babies have the same problem as mine had. It would keep your baby’s skin from rashes and irritation, too!“ – Bing Agustin, 35, Stay-at-home mother

Hyalure products have given comfort and relief to countless customers who struggle with their sensitive skin. Here are some testimonies attesting to the power of hyaluronic acid in providing hydrated, healthy and youthful skin. We hope that their voices will encourage you to be one of the satisfied and happy customers of Hyalure products today.

“I’ve always had sensitive skin, so it’s difficult for me to find a skin care product that won’t cause irritation or dry skin. Since I can’t find a moisturizer that will suit my skin, people often think I’m older than I look due to my fine lines and dry skin. Being a businesswoman, however, made me more determined to find a solution to my condition. After all, I get to meet with clients and striking a good first impression is important. A friend of mine recommended Hyalure, and I am greatly pleased by its results. It managed to keep my skin healthy and soft. Now, people I meet would often take notice of how youthful I look despite being in my early thirties.“ – Andrea Andalis, 32, Businesswoman