Hydrating Facial Toner

A gentle hydrating facial toner that is ideal for cleaning the face and removing all traces of make up
without stripping off the natural moisture barrier leaving skin so soft, smooth, supple and lightly moisturized.



Proper skin care does not end in cleansing. Being exposed to harsh outdoor elements can still cause your skin to appear older and to start showing wrinkles. It can also destroy the natural pH level of the skin. Keeping the pH balance of your skin unchecked will lead to serious types of skin complications. Having too low pH results to dry skin, while too high of it will make the skin oily. Another common problem is uneven skin tone. Using a suitable toner can serve your skin well. Keep skin problems away and achieve better and more radiant skin by using Hyalure’s hydrating facial toner.

Unlike other toners in the market, our hydrating facial toner is alcohol-free. Applying too much alcohol on the skin destroys its pH level and causes dryness, leaving it vulnerable for dirt to settle deep within the pores. Our toner will not damage your skin, but provides it with the intensive care it needs. The secret is its gentle hydrating function, making sure that your skin pH level is at an ideal level. It also removes all traces of make-up without stripping important oils and moisture necessary for your skin to be healthy. Like all of the features of our Hyalure line, our toner focuses on keeping your skin well hydrated. Don’t let uneven skin tone or wrinkles keep you down. Boost your confidence by letting our products show you how beautiful your skin can truly be.

A gentle hydrating facial toner that is ideal for cleaning the face and removing all traces of make up without stripping off the natural moisture...

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